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Nerve Conduit

Awarded First Place by the Prestigious

Novartis Mentoring Project

Rated #1 in Regenerative Medicine in all of Taiwan

Nerve Conduit

  • Repairs 3-cm peripheral nerve defect

  • Biodegradable polymer

  • Good biocompatibility

  • Micro-structure designed for regeneration

  • Unique micro-design promotes nutrient exchange

Artificial Blood Vessel

  • Excellent elasticity and great vascular compliance

  • Great biocompatibility without leakage and infection

  • Promotes vessel regeneration with special biodegradable materials

  • Long-term patency with limited foreign body reaction and thrombosis

  • Applicable to small-diameter blood vessel

  • Lower amputation rate for patients

Artificial Skin

  • Multi-layered biomimetic structure: keratin layer, epidermis, and dermis

  • Human tissue sources, world class extract/isolation technology

  • High bio-compatibility, integration of multiple layers of skin tissues

  • One-time treatment, reduces possible reoccurring injuries due to wound dressing change

  • Rich in multiple growth factors

  • Increases the rate of tissue regeneration

Anti-Adhesion Membrane

  • Ionic aqueous polymer material, hydrophilicity

  • A patented biodegradable anti adhesion material which prevents secondary surgery

  • Low foreign body response, high elasticity and mechanical strength

  • Effective in mobile areas such as tendons and joints

3D Bio-Printing Technology

  • Patented water-based material printing technology, can be used with various types of cells and biological reagents

  • Exclusive CAD/CAM editing program that customizes biological tissue engineering products

  • Flexible patented biomaterial, compatible with various organs needing clinical medicine

  • Good mechanical strength and biocompatibility

  • Adjustable biodegradation time

  • No initiator or organic solvent which makes it non-toxic and environment friendly

  • Easy to use and cost efficient

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