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Stem Cell Activation Technology

Product features

  • Simple and convenient operating process

  • Easy sample collection

  • High expression of stemness genes which increases tissue repair function

  • Rapid sphere formation which shortens the research and development period

  • Co-cultivation of different cells which closely resembles body tissue


  • Regenerative medicine

  • Tissue engineering

  • Gene therapy

  • Drug screening

  • Precision medicine

Stem cells have a strong ability of self-replication, multi-differentiation, and homing effect. They can automatically locate and repair damaged parts in the body, and help the body fight various types of diseases. They are also key to a new breakthrough in regenerative medicine. Traditional two-dimensional cell culture environment will make stem cells lose their original characteristics, which make them more similar to regular cells and gradually lose ability to repair. ShineIN stem cell activation technology adopts a three-dimensional cell culture method that simulates a living organism environment. It allows stem cells to self-assemble into a spherical shape, combined with unique molecular activation signals. Simple culturing procedures, high cell viability, and rapid survival are key advantages of this technology. The spheres can be applied in the fields of disease research, tissue engineering, and drug development, and further improve the application value of regenerative medicine and disease treatment. In 2016, there were 480 million US dollars in the global of three-dimensional cell culture market, and the compound growth rate reached 23.2%. The annual market will grow to 3.13 billion U.S. dollars by 2025.

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Source: Acta Biomaterialia 2015; 28: 55–63.

The cells move on the polymer film and gather to form a sphere

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