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Foot Orthotic Insole Series

Product features

  • Patented arched cushion corrects foot arch

  • Elasticity and durable structure design

  • Special patented shock absorbing material

  • Anti-bacteria fiber fabric prevents foot odor


  • Corrective foot type

  • Release foot pressure

  • Diabetic foot ulcers

  • Walking posture stabilization

  • Relief foot burden

The medical-grade foot orthotic insole has a custom designed foot-correction configuration, which is suitable for various foot types. It provides foot support, pain relief, and relieves discomfort caused by degenerative joints. It adjusts the imbalance caused by walking and reduces the burden on each foot. The patented arch support, built with a special biomechanical geometric design, effectively corrects foot type such as flat feet. The insole aligns joints, muscles, ankles and ligaments to its natural form. It reduces pain, fatigue, and discomfort caused by walking for long distances or standing for a long period of time. The patented shock-absorbing material has excellent breathability and anti-bacterial properties, and prevents foot odor. The foot orthotic insole series is great for both clinical and home use.

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