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Novel Drug


Novel Drug for Scar-Prevention

Product features

  • Patented nucleic acid formula, triple active mechanism, effectively prevent scar formation

  • Directly acts on cellular gene from a microscopic perspective

  • Prevents abnormal formation of collagen in fibroblasts

  • Effective in new and existing scar (can be used with surgery)


  • General surgeries

  • Traumatic Wounds

  • Hypertrophic scar or Keloid

Commercially-available scar removal products mainly consist of gels or steroids, both of which softens scars and slows scar proliferation in a physical way. Yet the process is slow and the mechanism is less-definitive. In the wound healing process, when fibroblasts produce excessive collagen, scar tissue is easily formed. The exclusive patented triple nucleic acid formulation precisely targets the cells in a precise genetic medicine interference mode. The gene blocks the path of scar proliferation. It is used to prevent scar formation from traumatic and surgical wounds. For hypertrophic scars, it is used in combination with scar resection for repairing and preventing hyperplasia. The target reagent specifically acts in fibroblasts, and the triple formula can simultaneously target three gene loci to enhance the inhibitory effect by inhibiting the abnormal formation of collagen. Combined with cosmetic surgery, old scars can also be treated effectively. Therefore, the drug solves the fundamental problems of scar formation.

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