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Negative-Pressured Suction Irrigation System

Product features

  • Reduces surgical time and days of hospital stay 

  • Simple operating procedure, can be used in bedside

  • Excellent biocompatibility, minimal patient discomfort

  • Intuitive design, easy to operate

  • Greatly reduce long term care hospital expense


  • Deep tissue and joint infection

  • Closed compartment infection

  • Chronic infected wounds

  • Diabetic foot ulcers

  • Bacterial infection and cellulitis

  • Superficial wound inflammation and infection

In clinical studies, infection of tissues and wounds are common issues, and it gets more difficult for patients to receive proper treatment when the infection is associated with deep tissue and implants such as artificial joints. Currently the most effective methods in controlling infection involve the use of invasive treatments and local debridement. Local debridement requires multiple surgeries and the use of anesthesia in order to obtain expected results. The prolonged process brings discomfort to patients. The negative-pressured suction irrigation system is specifically designed with fluid mechanics, and the patented design can effectively treat patients with joint infection and inflammation, acute and chronic wounds, diabetic ulcers and other difficulties. The intuitive design system is easy to use, and can be used in bedside. Drugs can also be added to the system that enhances the debridement process. It further reduces time needed for surgery, days required for hospital stay, and most importantly, the pressure patients will have facing the possibility of multiple surgeries.

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