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Stem Cell Activation Technology

Three-dimensional Bionic cell Drug screening system


Ionic Hydrogel Dressing

  • Smart moisture control material

  • Creates micro-environment best for moist wound healing

  • 100% non-adhesive to wound bed

  • Reduces pain and prevents scar formation

  • Made with strong mechanical property and high absorption material which provides cover and protection for wounds

  • Made with anti-bacterial ionic material which prevents infections

  • Natural extracts provide essential nutrients for fast wound healing

Hydrophilic Foam Dressing

  • Unique 3D foaming design, fast absorption of wound fluids

  • Safe, no additives, hypoallergenic, optimal for fragile and sensitive skin

  • Made with smart moisture controlling material which effectively prevents loss of body fluids

  • Micro-environment for moist healing, maintains optimal pH value and low oxygen concentration for wound bed

  • Prevents infection and increases the rate of autolysis debridement

Hemostatic Material

  • Patented processing technology, compressed spongy structure

  • Effective in triggering fast coagulation

  • Small in size, portable and easy to use

  • Increase survival rate of severe bleeding patients

Negative-Pressured Suction Irrigation System

  • Reduces surgical time and days of hospital stay 

  • Simple operating procedure, can be used in bedside

  • Excellent biocompatibility, minimal patient discomfort

  • Intuitive design, easy to operate

  • Greatly reduce long term care hospital expense

Combat Medical Series

Integrated hemostasis materials, wound dressings, artificial skin and negative-pressured suction irrigation system (all developed by ShineIN) can be customized with military-use specifications. Based on the TCCC/TECC design protocol, all can be used with single-handed operations, and no large-scale equipment. The medical kit can effectively reduce infection rate and be used under all circumstances.

Stem Cell Activation Technology

  • Simple and convenient operating process

  • Easy sample collection

  • High expression of stemness genes which increases tissue repair function

  • Rapid sphere formation which shortens the research and development period

  • Co-cultivation of different cells which closely resembles body tissue

Orthopedics Medical Devices

  • Pedicle Screw System

  • Bio-Degradable Fracture Fixation Ring

Foot Orthotic Insole Series

  • Patented arched cushion corrects foot arch

  • Elasticity and durable structure design

  • Special patented shock absorbing material

  • Anti-bacteria fiber fabric prevents foot odor

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