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Ionic Hydrogel Dressing

Product features

  • Smart moisture control material

  • Creates micro-environment best for moist wound healing

  • 100% non-adhesive to wound bed

  • Reduces pain and prevents scar formation

  • Made with strong mechanical property and high absorption material which provides cover and protection for wounds

  • Made with anti-bacterial ionic material which prevents infections

  • Natural extracts provide essential nutrients for fast wound healing


  • Acute wounds

  • Diabetic ulcers

  • Chronic wounds such as pressure sores

  • High grade wound dressings for long-term wound care

The hybrid colloid design creates the best micro-environment for moist wound healing, provides smart moist control of the wound bed, avoids excessive moisture that causes ulcers, and anti-protein adsorption maintains optimal condition for multiple growth factors which normally lost with wound fluid. Strong mechanical property and elasticity can effectively protect the wound bed from external force, special nano surface and electrical property inhibit microorganisms, and prevent infection and inflammation. Ultra-hydrophilic soft materials reduce pain and discomfort in the affected areas. 100% non-adhesive material prevents possible repeated injury to the wounds and reduces scar hyperplasia reaction. Natural extracts provide essential nutrients for tissue regeneration and healing; can be used for various acute and chronic wounds, general trauma, postoperative wounds, skin donor site, diabetic foot ulcers, pressure sore, and many others. Hydrogel series dressings have high absorption, high water retention, antibacterial and anti-protein adsorption properties, providing the most comfortable and fast wound healing user experience.

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