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Hemostatic Material

Product features

  • Patented processing technology, compressed spongy structure

  • Effective in triggering fast coagulation

  • Small in size, portable and easy to use

  • Increase survival rate of severe bleeding patients


  • Severe bleeding during surgery(including general surgery, gynecology etc)

  • Suitable for hemophilia patients  

Hemostasis is an integral part of surgery, trauma, first aid, and war wounds. Oxygen is transported to the body through blood. When sudden blood loss occurs, the oxygen level in the body drastically decreases. If there is no immediate hemostasis and blood transfusion, heart attack occurs which eventually leads to death. Common hemostatic materials mainly aim to promote the body's own coagulation function, supplement with external coagulation factors, inhibiting fibrinolysis and vasoconstriction. The quick-acting hemostatic material uses a unique patented processing technology, which utilizes electric charges to assemble red blood cells and platelets and speeds up coagulation reaction. It’s best used for major surgeries, first aid in major accidents, explosive events, stabbing/gunshot wounds, and any other accidents with severe blood loss. A patented compressed spongy structure with high-strength, high solubility of hemostatic materials, prevents further injuries caused by adhesion. The material is in accordance with the military's standard of hemostatic efficacy. Even under the circumstances of blood loss, it can quickly and effectively stop bleeding which increases the survival rate.

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