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Combat Medical Series

Product features

The tactical injury care can be divided into three stages. The first stage is to perform emergency treatment under the enemy's firepower. The first aid and care that can be provided to the injured is very limited, so it is necessary to determine whether the injured person is still alive. The second stage is tactical rescue. It will perform field first aid in a relatively safe environment, maintain respiratory tract clear of any obstructions, confirm and control bleeding, check for fractures and burns, and give painkillers and antibiotics-combat kits. The third stage is medical evacuation, where patients are sent through nonmedical transportations. The main purpose is to maintain clear airway of unconscious patients and monitor the respiratory and bleeding status simultaneously.

Integrated hemostasis materials, wound dressings, artificial skin and negative-pressured suction irrigation system (all developed by ShineIN) can be customized with military-use specifications. Based on the TCCC/TECC design protocol, all can be used with single-handed operations, and no large-scale equipment. The medical kit can effectively reduce infection rate and be used under all circumstances.

Product series

  • Combat medical kit (frontline)

  • Combat medical kit (medivac)


  • Police/ military/ special agent use

  • Outdoor activities (Mountaineering, camping, etc)

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