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Artificial Blood Vessel


Product features:

  • Excellent elasticity and great vascular compliance

  • Great biocompatibility without leakage and infection

  • Promotes vessel regeneration with special biodegradable materials

  • Long-term patency with limited foreign body reaction and thrombosis

  • Applicable to small-diameter blood vessel

  • Lower amputation rate for patients


  • Peripheral blood vessel replacement

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Arteriovenous embolization bypass surgery

The artificial blood vessel provides a new blood flow path for the obstructed peripheral blood vessels to prevent necrosis caused by lacking nutrients and oxygen supply. In severe cases, patients will face amputation. Currently, the biocompatibility of artificial blood vessels on the market is poor. Use of these inferior products can lead to intimal hyperplasia which results in re-stenosis or even obstruction of the lumen, especially in small-caliber blood vessels. The novel artificial blood vessel overcomes the secondary thrombus problem after transplantation, combines tissue engineering with regenerative medical technology, and develops biodegradable materials with high elasticity and high compatibility. It is suitable for vascular obstructive disease in the easily occluding small-caliber blood vessels such as knee iliac arteries, and also effective for large-caliber peripheral vessel. They can reconstruct limb blood circulation and relieve tissue ischemia immediately. At the same time, they also create microenvironment in the body to promote vascular endothelial cell proliferation and regeneration after degradation of the implanted material. Healthy blood vessels fundamentally solve the problems of secondary obstruction and reoperation, maintain the long-term blood flow rate of surrounding tissues, and provide patients with safer treatment and better quality of life.

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