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Artificial Skin

Product features

  • Multi-layered biomimetic structure: keratin layer, epidermis, and dermis

  • Human tissue sources, world class extract/isolation technology

  • High bio-compatibility, integration of multiple layers of skin tissues

  • One-time treatment, reduces possible reoccurring injuries due to wound dressing change

  • Rich in multiple growth factors

  • Increases the rate of tissue regeneration


  • 2nd degree burn wounds

  • Severe wounds that require skin grafts

  • Deeply damaged cavity wound

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. It has a layered structure which includes epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue. It covers the entire body surface and is the first line of immune protection for human body. The artificial skin series uses high-end blood isolation and extraction technology to remove possible immunogens, which prevents unwanted human immune response, retains growth factors that are conducive to wound healing, accelerates the repair and regeneration of damaged tissues. It also creates an exclusive multi-layered biomimetic structure, and is rich in colloidal protein, which is best for difficult wounds such as diabetic foot, foot ulcers, 2nd degree burn, and other wounds that require skin graft. Artificial skin after transplantation contains active microvascular vessels, which can soon be linked to the vascular system and obtain necessary nutrients. After debridement surgery, the covered skin can be integrated and regenerated with the original skin tissue which forms protection for the wound bed. No repeated surgery and skin transplantation needed. Our artificial Skin provides the best environment for wound healing.

Picture 1: Artificial skin with high porosity, biodegradable and great biocompatibility

Picture 2: Integration of artificial skin and normal skin with cell therapy

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