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Anti-Adhesion Membrane

W/O Treatment​

ShineIN Products

Product features

  • Ionic aqueous polymer material, hydrophilicity

  • A patented biodegradable anti adhesion material which prevents secondary surgery

  • Low foreign body response, high elasticity and mechanical strength

  • Effective in mobile areas such as tendons and joints


  • Abdominal or pelvic operations

  • Uterus and surrounding tissues

  • Tendons and joints

The patented ionic aqueous polymer membrane can effectively prevent adhesion. It has excellent biocompatibility and avoids secondary adhesion caused by foreign body response. The unique micro-phase separation technique increases the mobility and hydrophilicity of the material, which improves the anti-adhesion capability. It can be used for operations of abdominal, pelvic, uterus and surrounding tissue, and tendon junctions. The patented biodegradable anti adhesion material provides high elasticity and mechanical strength, with custom degradation time for different tissues and application sites. Natural metabolic decomposition of the material reduces possible inflammation and infection caused by foreign body response. No additional surgeries to restore motor functions required, which promotes full recovery and improves the quality of life post-surgery.

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