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3D Bio-Printing Technology



Product features

  • Patented water-based material printing technology, can be used with various types of cells and biological reagents

  • Exclusive CAD/CAM editing program that customizes biological tissue engineering products

  • Flexible patented biomaterial, compatible with various organs needing clinical medicine

  • Good mechanical strength and biocompatibility

  • Adjustable biodegradation time

  • No initiator or organic solvent which makes it non-toxic and environment friendly

  • Easy to use and cost efficient


  • Degenerative articular cartilage

  • Traumatic soft and hard tissue defects

  • Screening for in vitro cancer drugs

  • Intervertebral disc degeneration defect

  • Craniofacial surgical tissue filler

3D bio-printing is a 3D printing technology that combines biocompatible materials with living cells to print complex functional three-dimensional tissue structures. ShineIN uses room-temperature water-based printing technology, does not require the use of organic solvents and is free from cell and environmental toxicity. Our patented elastic biodegradable material has good mechanical strength and high biocompatibility. Various cells and hydrophilic biological reagents conducive to cell growth can be added to the ink. With exclusive CAD/CAM editing programs, ShineIN customizes biological tissue printing, mechanical properties of the material, elasticity and biodegradation time, to meet different clinical needs. 3D bio-printing can be applied to the fields of organ repair, drug screening, orthopedics, and vascular stents. The world is currently facing an aging population problem. The need of regenerative medicine and implants are trending upwards. ShineIN’s 3D bio-printing medicated cartilage will be the first choice for treating degenerative knee arthritis in the near future.

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